Homeschool Brainstorm Request

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Homeschool Parents 3You realize you guys are AMAZING, right?

Teaching and being Dad to my two beautiful children are by far the most difficult jobs I’ve ever held. And you do both?! Like some kind of hybrid parent-teacher superhero?! Great Hera!

I would like to tap into some of that awesomeness, if I may. In recent months, I have had the pleasure of working with a handful of homeschool families looking at everything from giftedness to autism to learning disorders. Clearly, there is a growing movement of brave, ambitious parents such as yourself homeschooling your kiddos.

So what are you (and other superhero parents like you) in need of? Could you use support in finding ways to build community with other homeschool families? Learning strategies for hands-on teaching? Providing enriched and enhanced instruction for gifted or highly intelligent children? Creating more social opportunities? Help identifying learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, autism, or other exceptionalities?

Those are a few ideas to get you thinking, but I want to hear from YOU!

This is a brainstorm, so there is no such thing as a poor response! Please be open about whatever thoughts this exercise may trigger.

I am constantly collaborating with a variety of professionals such as those working in learning centers to therapists to pediatricians to nutritional advisors. What can I share with them so we are better serving homeschool families?

This is a chance for you to be heard, and I thank you so much for sharing your insights with one of your biggest fans!

Up, up and away!

Matthew Wiggins, Ed.S
Licensed School Psychologist